I Love New Orleans

I recently wrote a post about moving to Memphis, Tennessee. Our minds were made up. We were scheduled to tour five different apartment complexes. I'd followed Memphis bloggers and restaurants and shops galore on Instagram. I planned to visit Graceland, photograph Beale Street, and try to play with the ducks at the Peabody.

But it never quite felt right.
I've lived in Alaska, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama, and I've visited over 20 states. It would have been a move to a state I've never lived in. It would have been exciting. It just wasn't me. And my mom knew it.

So we made the decision to move back to the New Orleans area, where I grew up as a young child. We already have an apartment, the utilities are turned on, and we move in almost three weeks!
But I'm not going to delete my "moving to Memphis post," and here's why: the only constant in life is that things are always changing. As psychologist Nick Tasler wrote in an article for the Harvard Business Review, "Accept the past, but fight for the future. Even though we are never free from change, we are always free to decide how we respond to it."

And I have chosen to respond with humor.

Yeah, it looks pretty funny having a post extolling the virtues of moving to Memphis on a NOLA-based blog, but as my Texan brother-from-another-mother is fond of saying, "Them's the breaks."
I've missed you, New Orleans. Thanks for taking me back. 


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