The Land Of The Delta Blues + What I Hate About Jackson, Mississippi

Any Marc Cohn fans still around? I don't know, maybe it's because I grew up hearing his music that I have a soft spot for him even though the whole "soft rock" genre is really not my thing.

But I digress.

In case you can't tell from the title or the picture, we're moving to Memphis!

When my mom and I moved from Houston to Jackson, MS, I was gutted. Jackson is a very small city, and there isn't much to do here unless you're outdoorsy or you have children. Neither of the two apply to me. While Jackson was never intended to be our final destination, knowing that we would eventually move elsewhere wasn't enough to keep me from feeling trapped and sinking into depression.

There have been countless studies conducted claiming that a more rural life is better. Living in an urban environment is more fast-paced, which means it's more stressful, which can cause depression in a lot of people.

On the flip-side, the risk of suicide in rural areas is almost double the risk in the concrete jungle.

I can understand why.

As someone who spent twenty years living just outside of Atlanta, living in Jackson feels like being sent back in time to the early 2000s. I had no cell phone signal for almost a week (phone was fine, bill was paid), and no explanation was offered.

The internet is so slow and unreliable that I often find myself missing the days of dial-up. And when the internet goes down and stays down? It takes five days for someone to send a technician to repair the internet, and it's not because they're booked until then! It's because the techs are out sick or on vacation.

Oh, and while I was put on hold, the rep forgot to mute her end of the call and told someone else in the office, "this girl's bitch-ass thinks I care about her internet problems!" Unprofessional much? Also, it's kind of your job to at least pretend you care.

As for the living conditions... Our apartment flooded in April, and it was declared "a total loss." The manager proceeded to tell us that if we didn't "get our junk out" in two days, it would all be thrown away as "abandoned goods." Which, in case you don't know, is illegal. When I attempted to contact the local news about the way we were treated, I was repeatedly ignored despite previously chatting with one of the anchors on Twitter.

In case anyone wants to know where not to live in the Jackson area, avoid Laurel Park in Flowood (a Landmark property) like the plague. And in case the flood disaster isn't enough to scare you off, they have "on site security" that never responds. Ever. You're better off calling 911 if you need help.

I'm not saying Memphis is the Promised Land. I know there are problems in every city, but out of all the places I've lived and visited -- and there are a lot of them -- I've never been anywhere as dirty, poorly-maintained, and filled with rude, passive-aggressive people as Jackson, Mississippi. 

Living here makes me feel passive-aggressive. I don't like writing diatribes about why I hate a certain area. I started blogging because (back before Google was a thing and you had to Ask Jeeves) I couldn't find answers when I was confused about how to cook healthy, tasty vegetarian meals and what the hell even was rosacea? I want to be the person I needed then for others, not "that bitchy blogger." (That would be a cool name for a blog, though, now that I think about it...)

That's why I'm posting this awful, scathing rant in what would otherwise be a happy entry. Because another thing I needed was honesty.

Even when it is bitchy.


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