OMG! WTF? And Other Glorious Tales

Hey, y'all! Remember me? Yeah, so I took a bit of an unintentional hiatus. So many things happened (and I addressed a lot of them on my Instagram), but I'll give you the bullet points:
  • My health: Several months of debilitating migraines.
  • Cosmetology school: "Lord Jesus, it's a fire!"
  • My brother: Got married!
  • Our apartment: Flooded, declared a total loss.  But it earned me a new nickname (after The Unsinkable Molly Brown) so I've got that going for me...
  • My aunt: Had a heart attack and bypass surgery.
  • My mom: Had a bowel obstruction and was hospitalized for a week.
  • My knee: Torn cartilage, tendon, and ligaments. I'm in physical therapy now and really hope to avoid surgery.
  • Status: Currently staying with aunt and uncle until we can relocate to Florida in August!
Now that we're all caught up, I'll address one more point for today: the lack of older entries on my blog. Well, I decided I wanted to revamp it, so I backed it up, and changed it up a bit before saving... only to discover that the backup had failed, so all of my old entries were deleted. Argh!

I'm going to look at it as a fresh start, a way of wiping the slate clean, and I have so many new things in store for this little blog.

Why should you wear two pairs of pants while golfing? In case you get a hole in one.


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