September Favorites

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Holy shit, you guys! I did not mean to let an entire month pass without blogging, I swear! I started cosmetology school, and between that and a few health glitches, time whizzed by in a flash. I'm having a great time in school; my instructor is wonderful, and the other students are a riot. I'd make school a monthly favorite, but it counts as more of a lifetime favorite. 

Isn't it a little early to be posting a monthly favorites? you ask. 

No, not really. Not when I'm literally obsessed with every single item. 

1.) Kate Spade Berkshire Stevie: I found this gem at TJ Maxx and immediately had to have it. The warm, plummy shade is one of my absolute favorite colors, and the leather is so soft I could use the bag as a pillow if I wanted to. It holds everything I need and then some, but the bag itself isn't heavy, so I'm not weighted down like I'm carrying a ton of bricks. Berkshire Stevie, how I love you!
2.) NARS Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl: I haven't felt all that fantastic this month (damn you, seasonal allergies!), so some days I've literally worn nothing but lip balm to class because, you know, smearing your lipstick because you blow your nose every five seconds? Does not breed confidence. On the days I have been wearing lipstick, it's been this one. It's the perfect bright, poppy red that lasts and lasts. And lasts. And lasts. It lasted through two cigarettes (don't lecture me), a greasy cheese breadstick (I know, I know), and four bottles of water (I drink a lot, okay?!) It can be a little drying on the lips, but that's only if you don't wear lip balm underneath.
3.) ULTA + Jenny Fox Miss Fabulous Eyeshadow Palette: My mom spoiled me with makeup recently, so the last three of my favorites were all from her. This amazing palette is one of them. The colors are stunning, and the warmer rust and bronze shades bring out the newly acquired green flecks in my eyes. And have I mentioned the formula (like butter) or lasting power (thirteen hours with my trusty NARS primer)? Because those are also major selling points. If you've been debating this palette, you need it! Best of all? ULTA's house brand is cruelty-free! 
4.) ULTA Demi-Matte Foundation in Classic Ivory: Being ghostly pale, I have to admit I was dubious when my mom said she'd bought me a foundation. Lo and behold, the bloody thing is actually a perfect match! I was shocked and, more importantly, pleasantly surprised by the coverage and staying power on the great oil-slick known as my face. It covers my under-eye circles without looking like a mask, and while it can turn a bit dewier than I would like after around five hours, it returns to its demi-matte awesomeness with a quick sweep of powder. Me likey!
5.) Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Quickie: Can you believe my mother bought me a blush named Quickie? Ahem. That aside, what looks like a scary-ass neon pink in the pan translates to the perfect, well, "I just had a quickie" flush on the cheeks. And I literally can't believe the staying power. I pretty much never wear blush because it looks pretty for an hour and then slowly migrates off my face. Like, where does it go? Off to the Land of Missing Socks? This stuff doesn't budge at all. They have plenty of colors, so there's something for everyone if this shade scares you. 
Have you tried any of my faves? What are yours this month?

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