June Favorites

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Where did June go? No, seriously. It seems like it was May a couple of days ago, and then we celebrated the 4th of July! I don't have loads to show for the month of June, but I did come away with a few new favorites -- including one thing I simply cannot be without.

1.) WaterPik WaterFlosser + Sonic Toothbrush: Oh, my God, how have I lived without this thing? I don't really know, but if I had to choose one absolute favorite for the month, this would be it.  I've dabbled with electric toothbrushes off and on for years, especially while I had braces, but they were always too harsh on my gums. This has two settings, a gentle one for dental-wimps like me, and a "why does a toothbrush need to vibrate this much?" setting. As someone who eats a ton of vegetables, I tend to get stringy bits stuck between my teeth (gross, I know, but I'm keeping things real), and the flosser is a champ at getting rid of them without, you know, feeling like you've pressure-washed your teeth. Trust me, you need this in your life.

2.) Lasting Smiles Lip Balm in Peach Blossom: Is it me, or are lip balms the new socks? Always disappearing, never to be seen or heard from again. It can't be just me. This baby, I'll be a lot more careful not to lose. They do different versions, but the one I had to have was the peach blossom one. Warning: If you hate the smell of peaches, do not buy this! Get another one! The product itself is amazing. It lasts well on your lips, and it doesn't cause the dreaded rebound-effect where applying lip balm dries you lips, making you apply -- you've got it! -- more lip balm! Best of all, it's cruelty free, and for every 1,000 tubes sold, a child receives cleft palate surgery

3.) Biscoff Cookies: I'm probably the last person to jump on this bandwagon, but I recently discovered these addictive little things after my mom brought me a pack home from her hotel. It says on the package that they're Europe's favorite cookie to have with coffee, but I can be a little dense. After mowing my way through a pack with nary a dunk into my beloved java, I finally tried it as nature intended, and sweet, baby Jesus, they are amazing.

4.) S.W. BASICS Cleanser: You, my dear, frequent readers, have probably been thinking, "Did she fall and hit her head? Where's the skincare?!" And here it is. I nabbed a mini-bottle of this wondrous stuff at Target (I promise I don't actually live there. But I would!) when we first moved in, and the majority of my stuff was still in boxes. It lasted that long. A mini-bottle. With ingredients like rosewater and tea tree oil, it kept my breakouts mostly at bay without making my dry patches crack and peel. It's also cruelty free, made with organic ingredients, and incredibly gentle. It smells good, too!

5.) Signature Soy Exotic Pineapple Candle: Here's a shock: I also got this at Target. Actually, I bitched about this candle initially. When I first lit it, I could only smell it if I leaned directly over the flame. I was disappointed, but it only cost $4, so I was like, "Meh. Fire pretty." The second time I lit it, the most incredible smell filled the room. I could even smell it in the hallway! My guess is that the fragrance oils sank down a little or were unevenly mixed, but now the scent throw is amazing without being overpowering. Because who wants to feel like they're being choked to death by a pineapple, right? Best. Four. Bucks. Ever. Spent. 

So that's how I know June happened. What have you been loving? 

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