50 Random Facts

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Oh, my God, you guys. I can't even begin to explain the numerous reasons for my absence. Moving and settling in has been reason number one, so we'll leave it at that. 
Right! Picking up the challenge where I left off seems to be the best way to get back into the swing of things. I unapologetically stole borrowed the idea for this post from the awesome Ayesha Khan after she made a YouTube video about how we know each other's opinions on this product or book or TV show, but we don't really know much about each other as people. So here goes nothing -- random facts you may not know about me. 

1.) My friends and I have a zombie apocalypse contingency plan. I don't mean this in jest. We know who can fly a plane, who's good with a gun, where we'll go, how we'll shore up our fortress, the whole shebang. 

2.) I love all fruits and vegetables with two exceptions: grapefruit and yellow squash. 

3.) When I was in sixth grade, I hacked my English teacher's computer, deleted all of her saved files, and gave everyone in my class an A. (In my defense, she bullied me because she was psychotically religious and I was the child of divorced parents).

4.) I have coulrophobia -- I'm terrified of clowns. 

5.) I'm not religious, but extremist beliefs of any kind piss me off. Christians who bomb abortion clinics? Hate. Muslims who shoot night clubs? Despise. Militant atheists who scream that believers are too stupid to live? Loathe. 

6.) My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love the old tradition, the cheesy horror movies, all of it.

7.) I've studied criminology, psychology, anthropology, English literature, history, and art. I'm now planning to attend cosmetology school in fall, but if I had it to do all over again, I would study genetics. 

8.) I love animals. Cats, dogs, birds, hamsters... But I am obsessed with cats. 

9.) I wear bifocals. 
10.) I would love to learn to play the guitar. Right now I can only play two things: Eye of the Tiger (on drums) and Can You Feel the Love Tonight? (on piano).

11.) I've studied French, Russian, and Japanese.

12.) I'm a vegetarian about 90% of the time, but every so often, I'll eat seafood. 

13.) I was born a strawberry blonde, but it's turned every color from dishwater blonde to black (naturally!), and now it's about 60% white. 

14.) I am terrified of bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and... roaches. I just can't. Typing the word makes me shudder. 

15.) But I think spiders and snakes are cool. 

16.) I made my stage debut at the age of fifteen. I dressed in drag and played Prince Bristlebeard. 

17.) I basically skipped high school and went straight to university. I "homeschooled" through a half-assed program. The work took about two hours a week, I took my tests, and they gave me my diploma. (Yes, it's an actual, accredited diploma!)

18.) I think the Minions are adorable. I know a lot of people hate them, but they make me laugh.

19.) I've watched the original Jurassic Park over 200 times and each of the sequels over 100. 

20.) I suffer from migraines. My worst triggers are high-pitched sounds. Hearing a baby or small child cry/talk loudly/giggle/squeal = nearly instant migraine. The same goes for dog whistles and silent alarms. I always wanted to join the X-Men; too bad my "superpower" is ultra-sensitive hearing.

21.) I also have an extremely sensitive nose. I can tell a merlot from a chianti from a cabernet with a single sniff. (Or two).

22.) I don't drink often, but when I do, my alcohol tolerance is ridiculous. I'm only five feet tall but have succeeded in out-drinking my 6'5" friends and relatives.

23.) I'm not star-struck by actors (which is not the same as not being impressed), but I will fangirl like crazy over my favorite musicians, authors, and intellectuals. Everybody in the world heard about it when Darren Kavinoky followed me on Twitter. 

24.) I started blogging because I could never find any valuable information for my skin type -- I have adult acne, rosacea, and I'm starting to develop a few fine lines. (The struggle is real).

25.) I'm eternally torn between wanting to shave my head and wanting Sophie Turner's hair. Seriously, just... look at her hair
26.) I'm a comic-book-reading, science-loving nerd, and I'm damn proud of it.

27.) In spite of taking vitamins, supplements, and altering my diet, my nails are so brittle they split and bleed, so I wear acrylics. 

28.) I am obsessed with coffee to such a degree that my brother-by-another-mother once gifted me this mug... and it arrived full of chocolate-covered espresso beans.  
29.) My taste in music ranges from "this is genius" to "I know; please don't judge me." 

30.) I rescue ugly, sickly plants and nurse them back to health.
31.) I'm a die-hard bibliophile. Even after downsizing my book collection for the move, I still need four bookcases and a small end table in my room. 

32.) I'm the crazy coupon lady no one wants to stand behind in line. When I shop online, I use portals (Swagbucks is amazing!) to get cash back. 

33.) I think tattoos are amazing and would be covered from head to toe if I didn't think my mother would kill me. 

34.) My all-time favorite musical artist is David Bowie. I have a memorial tattoo in the planning stage. 

35.) I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore. 
36.) The smell of pork makes me feel sick to my stomach. Yes, even bacon. (Sorry, Derek).

37.) I once befriended a raven by feeding it shortbread cookies. After a week, it would sit beside me on a bench and let me pet it. Needless to say, I was known as "that creepy witch girl." Your loss, haters!

38.) I have fallen asleep on at least four complete strangers, including one very nice senator on a flight to New York. (I forgot your name. I'm so sorry!)

39.) My favorite food is Indian food. I would literally eat it on a daily basis and not get bored with it.

40.) I consider fashion design an art form and wish I could design my own clothes. 

41.) I'm very insecure about having lazy eyes. 

42.) As much as I love fashion, I would be perfectly happy to live in leggings and a fuzzy cashmere sweater. 

43.) I hate hot weather because my reaction to overheating is to get chills. It sucks. 

44.) My handwriting is absolutely hideous unless I'm writing in Cyrillic. 

45.) I have a collection of pet rocks including one I've had since I was eight. 

46.) I have the unique ability to get a sunburn... while inside a car... and wearing SPF 50 sunscreen. 

47.) I used to completely hate on Taylor Swift, and now I love her. At least I can admit I was wrong!

48.) I get seriously excited for Shark Week every year. Even when the programs suck, I still love it.

49.) One of my most prized possessions is a little, old bracelet that Janis Joplin gave my aunt. 

50.) I love anyone who's still reading this bullshit. 

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  1. Read it all the way through. Knew most of it. You never told me you had a rock collection!

    1. I'm shocked there was something you didn't know!

  2. Haha, I loved this, equally as much as I love Sophie Turner's hair 😂

    1. Thanks! She seriously has the best hair...


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