No More Storms, Please!

9:18 PM

I was jarred from my sleep at 4:45 in the morning by my mother shouting for me to get out of bed and into the windowless hall bathroom. At first I thought she was overreacting, but then I heard it -- a freight train. It's a familiar sound most of us don't really notice, but when paired with nearly constant lightning, it can only mean one thing:

There's a fucking tornado in the area.

I'm sure most people in the U.S. have already heard about the massive storm system that battered Houston last night and into the afternoon, but for those who haven't? Well, let's just say there was a disaster declaration in my county.
And we only lost power for five hours. The house wasn't damaged. Our only real concern once the weather eased up was, "Is the pool going to overflow again?" We had it easy.
Five have been confirmed dead so far, and pictures from downtown apartment complexes look like scenes from a disaster movie of San Andreas proportions.
All we can do now is hope we don't have another cell move through and try to help the people whose lives have been devastated by the storm.

(Pictures courtesy of the Houston Chronicle)

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  1. Ugh that was rough! and like I saw in social media, it wasn't even a named storm. We had a named storm do the same thing to our area (Columbia SC) last fall. Some areas are still recovering and will be for a while. Like the old commercial used to say, you can't mess with Mother Nature.

    1. It's insane, and it's going to rain even more! That's awful! Hopefully the area makes a full recovery. Columbia is such a pretty place.


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