Kat Von D's Hellbent: The Best Red Lipstick Ever

9:54 PM

I've probably been through five tubes of this shade since KVD's line first hit Sephora. It's the most flattering shade of red on the market, and I can say this because I used to loan it to my friends on campus -- we sanitized it between uses! -- and it looked amazing on everyone from my friend Mimi (Asian) to Clarissa (African American).
I don't have a more current picture of me wearing it, so here's one from almost a year ago back when I had longer, darker hair. And, yes, those are penguins on my shirt! As soon as I finished the last one up, I immediately reordered it, and if I ever hear they're discontinuing the shade for any reason? I'll probably buy ten of them. I'm not even joking.

Do you have any can't-live-without products?

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