In Love

12:41 AM

I bet the title had you going. Muwahahaha.

No, I didn't fall madly in love with some random person I bumped into at a bar! I'm in love with my new ring from Delezhen. This is the second of Masha's ring's I've ordered, and -- as expected -- I couldn't be happier.
I ordered an emerald ring of hers several years ago and still wear it religiously, so when I saw this carnelian stunner on sale, I jumped at the chance to add to my collection. She has a sale going on right now, so I did a little happy dance knowing I was getting a discount on top of shiny gorgeousness.
I'm not one for diamonds, but I do love gems, and Masha's pieces wear extremely well. I haven't noticed any tarnishing, chipping, or warping of the band after years of daily wear, so I know I can expect the same quality of my new ring.
By the way, this post isn't sponsored. I'm just really impressed with her craftsmanship. 

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  1. Lovely ring I must say. I love rings too, but cannot manage to wear them daily. Also, wearing gems get me a little edgy. I don't think I can carry them off well. I prefer antique and minimalist. Have a great challenge ahead!
    [@samantha_rjsdr] from
    Whimsical Compass

    1. I love minimalistic jewelry! Well, all jewelry, but I'm that way with antique styles. They don't work well on someone with a pixie cut, haha. Thank you!

  2. I don't know much about gems, other than the basics. I've never heard of carnelian. It is a unique color and must be a conversation starter when you where it. I love the shape. That's the reason I chose my wedding ring. It was heart shaped and, at the time, there weren't any others like it.
    Visiting from the A to Z challenge!

    1. The color is so interesting. When I first saw it, I knew I had to have it right away. Aw, that's so cute! I still don't see many heart shaped rings. It sounds beautiful!


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