Beauty Blenders & Why Dupes Won't Do

10:05 PM

Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you I'm frugal. Okay, most of them will come right out and tell you I'm cheap, so when I'm advising every woman who reads this to spend $20 on a makeup sponge, you know this sponge is basically the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Or the greatest thing since Betty White since she was born before bread was sold pre-sliced. But I digress.

I have rosacea, combination-oily-sensitive skin, and the occasional eczema patch or two, which can make applying foundation and concealer tricky. If I have a rosacea flare-up, I look like a lumpy mess. If the eczema is active, the area around my nose resembles a snake shedding its skin.

Enter the Beauty Blender. I have tried damn near every single dupe on the market from your regular, store-name sponges to the Real Techniques version, and not a single one of them makes my foundation -- and therefore my skin -- look so airbrushed.
All you do is wet the sponge, squeeze the excess water out, and use it to pat your foundation and concealer on. That simple, and the results are amazing.

I know everyone and their sister has already blogged about this tiny miracle in a tube, but take it from someone who shops via portals for points, coupons, and will cushion-dive for a penny -- this is the most important makeup purchase you can make. 

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