Anxiety: No, You're Not Crazy + Ways to Cope

4:11 AM

Did I shut the garage door? Is the coffee pot turned off? What if I make an ass of myself at work?

These are all perfectly normal thoughts, but when they occur in rote repetition, they may be a sign of a bigger problem -- anxiety.

An estimated 40 million people (18%) in the United States alone are affected by anxiety, which has a vast array of symptoms. From sleeplessness and mild nausea to full-blown panic attacks, anxiety can make daily life seem impossible. If the thought of going grocery shopping because you have to be around people (ew!), it doesn't necessarily mean you're ready to join the likes of Ebenezer Scrooge on Team Misanthrope; it could be a sign that you suffer from one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders.

There's so much stigma attached to words like "mental illness" and "disorder," and it often keeps people who need help from seeking it because they're afraid of being seen as weak or lacking coping skills. Please don't be afraid to get help. Simply put, there's nothing wrong with you; there's something wrong with your brain chemistry, and that is not your fault.  

I absolutely recommend going to see a doctor, but what happens if you start to feel anxious in the meantime? Here are a few tips to help make things a little easier.

  • Accept that you aren't in control of everything. If there is something upsetting you that you can change, change it. If you can't change it, try not to dwell on it.
  • Laugh. Watch a funny movie. Read a book that makes you smile. Look at goofy memes online. 
  • Have an anxiety-buddy. Have someone trustworthy on speed dial, someone who can talk you down until the panic eases up.
  • Try Lantern. For about two dollars a day, you can talk to a professional online. 
  • Eat well and exercise. Improving your overall health will improve your anxiety.
  • Remember that you aren't alone. Sometimes when we feel anxious, we feel completely isolated. There are other people out there feeling exactly the way you do right now. You're not broken, a wimp, or a freak. You're a human with all a human's frailties and fabulousness.

And remember: when life gives you lemons... construct a crude electrochemical battery. (Not really).

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    1. Ah, yes, the election. I'm trying to forget that's going on. Thank you!


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