Day 9: Top 5 Posts

10:21 PM

I did a blogging challenge many, many moons ago -- more like two years, but whatever -- on my old blog and met so many cool people that I jumped at the chance to complete Sarah Arrow's 30-Day Challenge. I've been plowing ahead for nine days now, so here's a roundup of the top five posts so far. 

1.) 5 Ways to Kick a Bad Day's Ass, or the one where I talk about how we can cope with bad days without shooting the TV Elvis-style. 

2.) Foundations for Ghosts, or the one where I bitch about being paler than Jessica Chastain and swatch a few foundations for pale girls. Hint: none of them actually match. 

3.) The Truth About Pattern, or the one where I review a shitty polish from SpaRitual, an otherwise amazing brand. 

4.) Hump Day Slump, or that one Wednesday where I whine about a lack of inspiration and decide to post my dream outfit of the day. The blogging muse returned later, thankfully.

5.) Blogging with a Purpose, or the one where I explain my shift to cruelty-free products. 

Here's to being able to see this challenge through to the end. You guys are awesome for sticking with me!

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  1. Great work. I've posted several comments, but am not sure they all came through. Marco

  2. They have now that I recoded the blog. Thanks! :)


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