Day 8: Things To Do In Houston

1:07 AM

Back in November I visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and it was so beautiful. Even the sculpture garden outside was amazing. It was a really fun day, so I thought I would share a few snaps I took -- and one I managed to sneak (the Nazi-era card) -- that day. 

Pardon the lighting and graininess in some of these. Museum lighting is meant for ambience, not photography. More can be found on my Instagram, @alittleevil.

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  1. During my two years in Houston I went there often. I'm very glad you have the chance to do so. The museum of natural history is also very good.

  2. I haven't been there yet, but it's on my list! After being stuck in Mississippi for almost three years, it's a relief to have things to do again.


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