Day 25: All Aqua Everything

8:31 PM

I have a confession to make: I'm color-phobic. 

I've always felt very strange wearing brighter colors. Maybe it's a side effect of being pale and redheaded, but I never know what colors look good on me. I can help out everyone else, but when it comes to holding up articles of clothing up by my face to see what works, the only colors I seem to think work are black, gray, white, cream, beige, and brown. Occasionally, if I'm feeling extremely daring, I'll go for dark green (which could read as black from a distance) or burnt orange (which is close enough to brown that I feel safe).

I do have a few royal blue items, a teal jacket, and a garnet red sweater, but after sharing pictures with my sister-by-another-mister (you know, one of those rare people who love you even when you show them and ugly selfie!), she informed me that I needed to wear aqua "all of the days."

I'm not ready to part with my beloved neutrals just yet, but I'm willing to branch out just a little more. So I threw together a few sea-inspired colored pieces for inspiration as a reminder that color isn't the enemy, and there is at least one color that works on my pasty ass.

1.) Cooperative, $69 
2.) Saylor, $286

4.) ASICS, $45

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