Day 21-23: When Migraines Attack

9:03 PM

I vanished from the challenge abruptly, but now I'm back with an explanation/PSA: Migraines suck.

For those of you lucky people who have never had a migraine, imagine the awful sound a jackhammer makes. Imagine having a bright light shining directly into your eyes. Imagine the nausea that signals a stomach virus. 

Now imagine it's happening all at the same time. And it's happening inside your skull. 

There are a few steps you can take if you're able to catch a migraine in time, but they don't always work.
- take Excedrin Migraine
- dim the lights (if you can) or invest in tinted sunglasses if you can't control the lighting in your environment
- if you're at home or somewhere it's acceptable to do so, put in earplugs to block out any sound
- lie down for a bit
- eat something -- if you haven't eaten recently, low blood sugar can trigger a migraine in some people
- hold a cool cloth over the back of your neck

But, alas, you can't always nip them in the bud. I spent most of the past two days in a dark, quiet room alternating between throwing up (TMI, I know, but it happens) and silently longing for death. 

If you suffer from frequent, intense headaches, talk to your doctor. You could be part of Club Migraine! 

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  1. Have had them all my life. Best remedy is MAXALT, by prescription only. Marco

  2. Thank you! I'll ask about that when I go see the doctor.

  3. I am definitely part of the Migraine club! I have gotten migraines at least once a month for 15 years. Sometimes they last for days. I am a huge fan of Excedrin Migraine too. I take BC powders for headaches at least every other day, but nothing works on a migraine except Excedrin!

    1. Right?! I almost died when they took it off the market because several batches were contaminated with codeine. Excedrin is a miracle drug.


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