Day 16: A Tiny, Cruelty-Free Haul

8:22 PM

Since my decision to go cruelty-free, I've been saddened to learn that my brand selection when it comes to certain products has dwindled down to a small group of trustworthy companies. Boo! However, makeup giant L'Oréal plans to 3D print human skin for testing, so we'll be able to use their products again one day in the not too distant future!
Anyway, I'm almost out of my eye makeup remover (as in I have one more use, eek!), but thankfully, my Holy Grail remover is by Lumene. Shout out to the Finnish for creating a product that actually removes waterproof mascara without feeling like I've just poured acid directly onto my eyeballs!
I'm also trying out The Body Shop's Aloe line for sensitive skin after it was recommended to me about eight times. It has enough of every product from the range to give you a feel for whether or not they work for you, and even if only one or two products are amazing, the price makes it worth a shot. (I got mine for free thanks to being paid via Amazon card for online work).
Last -- but hopefully not least -- I snagged NYX's Pore Filler primer, another product I've been recommended time and time again. See, what people don't tell you about rosacea is that you don't just get bumps. You don't just get redness and broken capillaries. You also get pores. One minute your skin is smooth, and the next? You've started to resemble Tommy Lee Jones around the cheek area. Fingers crossed that this stuff helps!

What are the products you can't live without?

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  1. I've been heading toward cruelty free as well... It just so hard to find new products especially when you have to shell out so much just to see if your skin can take it!

    1. I know! It's awful, especially when you have sensitive skin.

  2. I have been cruelty free free over nine years and I have to say that the amount of products easily available now is a vast improvement! I do tend to try to make most of my own products now as they are a lot less chemical filled too.

    It's good to see more people turning to cruelty free products :)

    1. Oh, wow, I bet. I can't imagine the selection nine years ago. Is making your own products insanely difficult?

      I'm slowly converting a few of my friends, too. :)

  3. I have started going cruelty free as well. This sounds great! Have a lovely weekend!



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