Day 14: I Don't Like Mondays

8:49 PM

Two weeks in, and I'm wondering why the hell I thought a blogger challenge was a good idea. Today's post is a completely lame update. This plague-flu-cold-bullshit is still clinging on despite all attempts at kicking its ass, and now I'm getting nosebleeds. Good times! 

Also, my posting schedule is going to go back to my usual early morning hours since that gives me more time to actually conduct research without interruption and schedule my post for the next morning. When I post the same day as I write, I wind up posting at ten pm, which is stupid. Who the hell is reading blog posts at ten pm aside from my fellow insomniacs?! 

In other news -- this could be TMI, so feel free to skip this paragraph -- I hate my uterus. I'm not gonna use the damn thing. I can't even make my cats get along! Why can't it come with an on/off switch?! 

So now I'm going to go snuggle with Mr. Vicks VapoRub and Ms. Heating Pad while my little psycho cat throws her stuffed penguin around the room and chases after it. (It's as cute as it sounds). 

Go away, Monday. I'm breaking up with you. 

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