When Good Products Go Bad

9:00 AM

My all-time favorite foundation is — or was — not even a real foundation. It was Sleek Makeup’s Be Beautiful Blemish Balm. I went through a tube of the stuff in record time and immediately ordered another one. 

Only something was wrong, but not at first.

The first time I wore it, it looked incredible. I use Fair, the lightest shade, and it actually matched my ghostly pale skin. The second use yielded the same results — my skin looked awesome, albeit a little shiny by the end of the day. Here I am wearing it the second time. 

I went to apply it the third time, and I knew instantly there was a problem. My beloved, neutral-pale BB cream had oxidized to a yellow-toned hot mess. Here it is on my hand, looking very much like the swatch for Light 01! 

What’s up with that, Sleek? Why you gotta play games with my heart? Did you change the formula? Was mine just a bad tube? I know I closed it properly, so it wasn't user error. It was just a SNAFU on your end.

Because I’m ultra-pale year-round, I can’t even set it aside with the intention of using it during the summer months. And knowing my luck, even if I did get some color, it would have turned the Medium 01 shade. 

And so my search for a Holy Grail foundation continues. 


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