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Alan Rickman made us laugh in Galaxy Quest. He made us (occasionally) root for the villain in Die Hard. He made us want to hit him (and possibly forgive him) in Love Actually. He was Metatron in Dogma. But for most people, his most memorable role will always be Professor Snape, the brooding, sharp-tongued Potions Master who began the series as somewhat of an antagonist and eventually became one of (if not the most beloved) of characters in the Harry Potter fandom. 

As a Harry Potter fan and someone who absolutely must watch Die Hard and Love Actually at least once each December, news of his sudden death was painful to hear. The world lost an intelligent, witty man who will be remembered as one of the most talented actors of not only his time but of any time. My thoughts are with his family and friends during their time of grief.

Thank you, sir. You will be missed. Always.  

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