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The Land Of The Delta Blues + What I Hate About Jackson, Mississippi

Any Marc Cohn fans still around? I don't know, maybe it's because I grew up hearing his music that I have a soft spot for him even though the whole "soft rock" genre is really not my thing.

But I digress.

In case you can't tell from the title or the picture, we're moving to Memphis!

When my mom and I moved from Houston to Jackson, MS, I was gutted. Jackson is a very small city, and there isn't much to do here unless you're outdoorsy or you have children. Neither of the two apply to me. While Jackson was never intended to be our final destination, knowing that we would eventually move elsewhere wasn't enough to keep me from feeling trapped and sinking into depression.

There have been countless studies conducted claiming that a more rural life is better. Living in an urban environment is more fast-paced, which means it's more stressful, which can cause depression in a lot of people.

On the flip-side, the risk of suicide in rural areas is almost…

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